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The Fire Opal now available on Amazon. Woot woot!

It's official. Both paperback and ebook versions are finally available on Amazon! (Way before planned, thank you KDP for messing with my schedule...) Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I'm freaking out. Just a little bit (liar). Oh my God I really did it. These are the links for the ebook and for paperback! For a limited… Continue reading The Fire Opal now available on Amazon. Woot woot!

Of merry christmases and special gifts

Ah, it's that day of the year again, when the final desperate rush for the last gifts is over, champagne is chilled and our stomachs are ready to welcome enough calories for a whole year. This Christmas I happen to have zero money for gifts, as I moved recently to the new place and made… Continue reading Of merry christmases and special gifts